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After the Show: 'Scandal' State of the Union Recap

After the Show: ‘Scandal’ State of the Union Recap

Tonight’s episode was all about putting a good face on things. Olivia had to get the feuding hero couple to appear loving (and heroic) at the State of the Union address to provide good optics for Fitz. Mellie had to shake off the mantle of grief and appear at the same address to, well, provide good optics for Fitz by taking conversation off of her possibly going crazy. And Olivia had to put on a good face when Fitz cornered her in a room to get advice on his speech.

Here are some other musings on last night’s episode.

–Mellie is a team player all the way but damned if she isn’t making us all feel her grief. That trip out in public took so much out of her. And while that Southern fried chicken deserved an acting credit, it’s all about Mellie so far this season.

–Quinn is straight back to being annoying and I’m really dreading any possible recurrence of Huck/Quinn sex scenes. <shudder<

–Usually suspicious Cyrus would know that if the hot guy hitting on you seems too good to be true, you don’t trust it. But loneliness can cloud anyone’s judgement. Here’s hoping Portia de Rossi’s Republican stool isn’t really able to get one over on Cy. She’s already down a point since her play to push David out of the running for Attorney General didn’t go anywhere thanks to David pulling a move out of Olivia’s playbook and blackmailing a senator into supporting him.

–Jake-Olivia hotness: More of that please. Showing up at Jake’s place in a trenchcoat, hot boots and nothing else, Olivia? Booty call, schmooty call. Call that what you want. We call that a good time.

–I like Fitz in good-husband mode. Having learned what his father did to Mellie, coupled with the undeniably devastating grief she’s going through, Fitz is once again able to treat her with kindness and compassion. He doesn’t even move to return her contempt with anything but understanding and acceptance. Will that get old eventually? Sure, but I doubt Shonda will let it get there. Meanwhile, I’m able to enjoy him more as he tries to maintain a professional-only relationship with Olivia, his tough President routine and his supportive husband role.

What did you think of last night’s episode?