The Advice Tracee Ellis Ross Would Give Girls All Over the World
Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Glamour

It’s no doubt that Tracee Ellis Ross is a gem. You know it, we know it, she knows it. But what Tracee Ellis Ross wants all of us to know, is that we’re all gems!

In an interview with InStyle‘s Emily Greener, co-founder of “I Am That Girl,” the actress addressed the unrealistic expectation for women to always look “flawless.”

“This whole message that ‘I woke up like this’ – uh, no, I didn’t, and neither did anyone else,” said Ross. “It’s important to pull the curtain back. Why not help people instead of making them feel worse? This is what shame stands for – Should Have Already Mastered Everything. But you can’t.”

Ross shared what she would tell every girl in the world if she could.

“First, I would say hi. Then I would whisper, ‘If anyone tells you there is a right way to do your life, they’re wrong.'”

Aunty Tracee is all about embracing self-love! Read her entire interview here.


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