If you were one of the many people excited to find Aaliyah’s music had been uploaded to Apple Music and iTunes Wednesday night, then we hope you had time to enjoy it because the songs have been removed. 

The collection, Ultimate Aaliyah, was added last night by Craze Productions, who, according to Complex, don’t own any rights to the songs. The late singer’s uncle and mentor Barry Hankerson owns the majority of rights to her music and, currently refuses to license it, which is why much Aaliyah’s music is unavailable on various streaming services. 

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This isn’t the first time the singer’s music has illegally been uploaded. In 2013, Craze Digital put a few songs up for sale on iTunes and were swiftly wrapped up in a legal battle that resulted in the songs being removed. 

The fervor over the uploads shows that fans are dying to have the late singer’s music available to stream. We hope that at some point it actually happens.