7 Times Tamar Braxton Made Us Laugh Out Loud on ‘The Real’
Courtesy of “The Real”

The humor that Tamar Braxton brought to The Real is something that will be felt in its absence. 

Braxton was unintentionally funny. Her tell-it-like-it-is unfiltered banter was great for a daytime talk show. Whether it was her no-nonsense opinions on a cheating spouse or her elongating “chile” before giving a juicy story, you could always count on Braxton to keep it real and be funny while doing it.

Her departure from the daytime talk show came as a surprise this weekend where fans found out via social media media that the Grammy-nominated singer and the show had parted ways. Because we will miss her dearly from The Real, here’s our ode to the seven times the baby Braxton sister left us cracking up with her over-the-topness. We’ll miss you, Tay Tay! 

1. Her most embarrassing moment. 

Only Tamar would come up with this hilarious way to play off falling on the dance floor at her friend’s wedding.

2. That moment she found out Vince had a girlfriend.

Braxton didn’t let something as simple as him having a girlfriend get in her way of having Vincent Herbert. But she tells the story in a way only she can.

3. Don’t try it with Tamar.

When folks are bungee jumping on your nerves, they are trying you. Luckily, Tamar has the answers for when you’ve been tried. Won’t she do it! 

4. “I don’t want nothing that’s too good no mo’.”

Tamar likes to keep her sex mediocre because if it’s too good she gets crazy. And she has stuff to do. Who has all day to be thinking about that good good? 

5. Are you cool with your man giving you money?

The funniest part about this is not even Tamar’s answer, it’s the look she gives Tamera Mowry at 0:37. Real tears.

6. Ain’t no shame in Tamar’s game — she is happily a jealous woman.

Tamar wants her man to be jealous and she is a little jealous too.

7. To eat a slab of ribs on the first date or nah?

Tamar can eat, but she wants you to keep it cute on the first date. No ribs, no crab legs and no burgers. 


Tamar Braxton is scheduled to appear at ESSENCE Festival 2016. Purchase tickets here!