Actress LisaRaye McCoy calls her life an open book — from the messy divorce back in 2009 to her obsessively-chronicled dating life. “There’s nothing y’all don’t know about me,” she jokes during a recent visit to ESSENCE. We promised her there were lots of things we didn’t know. Here, the VH1 Single Ladies star shares seven interesting tidbits that you may not know about her. You may be surprised what you learn about this newly single lady.

1. She’s a daddy’s girl

McCoy credits her father David Ray McCoy (who was tragically murdered in 1988) with teaching her her business acumen. “I’m a proud daddy’s girl,” she declares. “I mimicked his business sense. I used to play secretary and boss at the same time.”

2. She wouldn’t change anything about her life, not even her divorce.
“Every portion of my life from the first film to my first pay check has been an incredible journey,” says McCoy. “My life was so wonderful has been fantastic at every age: from the time I was born to the time my father and I got closer, to me being a mother.” “I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me.”

3. She has few Hollywood friends
“You ain’t heard? I’m fresh out of those,” says the ever sassy actress. “I’m friends of none and associates of everybody. I’ve learned to appreciate people being in my life for a reason and a season.”

4. Silk scarf or a do-rag to bed? Neither! She’s a natural beauty sleeper
“Neither,” says McCoy. “I want to go to bed cute, even if it’s just me. I want to wake up fabulous.”

5. Who is her biggest celebrity crush? You’ll never guess…
 ”Me! Absolutely,” she says.

6. Debbie Allen, Nancy Wilson and the late Coretta Scott King are some of the women who mentored her
“Those ladies took me under their wing and for a while I didn’t know why,” says McCoy. “It was something that they saw in me that I didn’t even necessarily see in myself and that was strength.”

7. Where you’ll find her on a Sunday afternoon
“Listening to music or driving,” she says. “I love to drive.”

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