Ever since Beyoncé announced that she will be performing at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, we can’t help but wonder if she’ll hit us with another jaw-dropping surprise. Last time she performed at the VMAs in 2011, she broke the internet by revealing she was pregnant. Could history repeat itself? Only God and Tina Knowles know, but we decided to try and guess anyway. Here are five surprises Beyoncé could hit us with Sunday night.

A Second Baby Announcement!
While this one is probably a little far fetched — Beyoncé’s never been one to repeat her surprises — we can still dream right? We mostly just want to relive the joy we all felt when she dropped her mic at the end of her 2011 “Love On Top” performance to reveal her baby bump. Plus, it would be a great way to make all the “inside sources” look really dumb.


Confirming or Denying the Divorce Rumors
Beyonce has always been more likely to address rumors in her music and performances than in statements. While we doubt she would actually confirm the divorce rumors at an award show (no really, we’d be shocked, but then again that is the point of shock-value) she may try to deny them in some coy way like she does regularly on her Instagram feed. It could be something as simple as adding an extra hand wave to her choreography to show off her wedding rings or as entertaining as giving Jay a lap dance during her performance. Isn’t it only right that her hubby get one too? (See her 2010 BET Awards performance. Terrence Howard hasn’t been the same since).


Another Tour or Album Announcement
In the past 12 months, Beyoncé has given fans the Mrs. Carter Tour, an extension of the Mrs. Carter Tour, a surprise album, and then the On The Run tour too. If she announces anything else that costs money the Beyhive may have to start remortgaging their homes.


A Guest Performer Who’s Not Jay Z
While we love seeing Mr. and Mrs. Carter perform together, Bey has released a couple other duets this year too. There’s “Mine” featuring Drake from her self-titled album and the “***Flawless Remix” featuring Nicki Minaj (who will also be performing that night). Beyhivers and Barbies everywhere may self-combust if that actually goes down, and Black Twitter will for sure.

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Oprah, Kerry Washington, Gabrielle Union and more have taken part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Beyonce has been nominated, but has yet to respond. What better way to trump everyone’s video (and of course raise awareness) than to complete hers on stage at the VMAs on national television?


The only thing we’re absolutely sure of is that Beyonce’s performance will be one to remember, as usual. We’ll be watching. Will you? #beyonceVMApredictions