5 Reasons You and Your Family Need to See ‘Minions’
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

In the Despicable Me movies, Gru’s little yellow henchmen are like yummy dollops of lemon frosting on a set of already tasty cupcakes. 

For anyone wondering if these goggle wearing sidekicks—or in the case of this analogy, these dollops of frosting—are strong enough to carry a whole Minions movie, the answer is a resounding yes.

Thanks to clever pop culture references and a stellar voice cast, this endearing origins tale will have you and the little ones in your life giggling with glee. Here are five reasons you need to see Minions when it arrives in theaters:    

Backstory: As a prequel, Minions is not only satisfying but succinct as it tells the tale of a gaggle of ancient, squeaky and loyal servants born to serve a variety of bad guys, including a Tyrannosaurus Rex and Napoleon. But none of the baddies are immune to the minions’ mortally fatal mishaps and with the demise of each villainous boss, the minions are left scrambling to find a new master. Enter Scarlett Overkill (voiced by Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock), a maniacal woman who desperately wants to be the Queen of England in the late 1960s and her inventive husband Herb Overkill (Jon Hamm, Mad Men). Scarlett is, of course, more trouble than she’s worth and the minions have to figure out a way to defeat her before finding their true leader, Gru.     

Voice cast: In addition to Bullock and Hamm, Minions also boasts the smooth and mellow voice of Oscar-winning actor Geoffrey Rush as the narrator, as well as Michael Keaton, Allison Janney, Steve Coogan and Jennifer Saunders (Absolutely Fabulous). 

Fun pop culture nods: References to The Beatles and the musical Hair will go over most kids’ heads but they’re a sweet treat for parents.    

Animation quality: If you enjoyed the animation style found in the Despicable Me movies, the style in Minions is similar but even more crisp thanks to technology. 

The bond between Kevin, Stuart and Bob: Kevin is the smartest and tallest minion but he would be nothing without Stuart’s fearlessness and Bob’s sweetness. It’s the trio’s distinct personalities that make them seem like kinder, gentler animated versions of the Three Stooges. Their odd little language, which includes a little French and a little Spanish, also makes them irresistible.

Minions arrives in theaters Friday, July 10.