I think it’s pretty safe to say that it must feel mighty good to be in the shoes of Amber Bullock, the latest singer to be crowned the winner of BET’s Sunday Best gospel singing competition.

America sounded-off in huge numbers, in what appeared to be one of the most talked about seasons of the show yet. And amidst all the critiques, the highs and lows, Bullock remained level headed and poised crossing the finish line victorious in the end.

ESSENCE.COM sat down with the single mother of one to find out how life has changed since winning and was the show everything she expected.

ESSENCE.COM: What were you doing before you auditioned for Sunday Best?
AMBER BULLOCK: Before the show I was working as a call center representative and I was living in Dallas, Texas at the time. I had moved to Dallas to be with my mom when she received a job promotion and moved to New Orleans. Soon thereafter, my daughter and I were in a bad car accident that totaled my car. After that, I ended up sleeping on the floor of a co-worker’s house with six kids. So, I was struggling pretty badly. On top of that, I had to send my daughter to live with her father because I couldn’t get her into daycare. I tried to see her as much as I could, but without a car it was really tough. So when I auditioned for the show I said, “Lord let your will be done.” I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

ESSENCE.COM: Was the show what you expected?
BULLOCK: It was much different than what I expected. I didn’t expect it to go as fast as it did. And now things are going even faster! TV is not church at all; but I enjoyed the experience. If you are going to enter into the entertainment business, TV is a good place to do it because you learn the ropes very quickly.

ESSENCE.COM: Chad Ochocinco of the New England Patriots tweeted all of his followers to vote for you during the finale. How did that feel?
BULLOCK: I couldn’t believe it! My mom threw a little celebration party and everybody was texting and calling me saying Chad tweeted about me. I was in shock! What was even more shocking is that I couldn’t believe he actually watched Sunday Best. I was more than happy, especially, when he said he was going to get all of his followers to vote for me.

ESSENCE.COM: A lot of viewers seemed to be disappointed with the talent pool this year. What would you say to that?
BULLOCK: I will say this, when it’s lights, camera, action…it’s a different story when you’re singing. I’ve heard all 20 contestants sing when there wasn’t a camera on them and I can guarantee what was shown to America was not the best representation of them. I know better! I encourage everybody not to base their judgment on the show alone, but look for their projects coming out soon. They are going to really surprise you!

ESSENCE.COM: How has winning Sunday Best changed your life in just a week?
BULLOCK: I’m definitely much busier! I’m handling a lot more business than I was before. Now I have people talking to me about contracts, getting my CD together, traveling, figuring out what producers I want to use for my album, doing interviews…all of this is very new for me, but I am so very grateful!

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