20 Times Black Culture Won This Year
Brandy and Monica

Twenty-twenty challenged norms and tested patiences. 

Concert venues closed, cultural routines were abandoned, and the ideas of what it meant to be a performer and audience member were redefined. The year carried in unthinkable circumstances daily forcing us to pivot fast. Together through the windows in our palms we said goodbye to legendary talents like Kobe Bryant, Chadwick Boseman, Natalie Desselle Reid, Thomas ‘Tiny’ Lister, and John ‘Ecstasy’ Fletcher

We welcomed new takes on old stories from Shonda Rhimes and Steve McQueen

We danced our way through social distancing to the tunes of Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé before allowing Jhene Aiko, Teyana Taylor and Luke James to be the soundtracks to our self care. 

We raised our glasses to Zendaya’s record-breaking Emmy win and applauded Amanda Seales’ virtual triumph at the BET Awards. 

Photo: Instagram/@giorgioarmani

We rejected half-measures in the fight to protect Black women and celebrated Kamala Harris making long overdue history with some help from Mary J.Blige. 

We examined our actions in the reflection of the Red Table. We witnessed the world suddenly decide Black Lives actually did matter (for at least a few weeks.)

We saw celebrities shake off the sheen of stardom when sickness knocked at their door. 

We binged podcasts in between virtual learning sessions grateful for the vocal friendship of Laci Mosley, Boonie and Tracy Clayton

We pledged allegiance to the trap, blew the whistle, visited our favorite aunties, and found out who the boy really belonged to as Verzuz became the saving grace in our upended social lives. 

In the new normal traditions were transformed, expectations were shifted and we somehow found a way to get closer as the computers in our pockets became nightclub substitutes, home offices and sanctuaries.  

Take a look back at some of the most memorable moments of 2020 below.


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