Reality Television Moments

Proudest Reality TV Moment Award

Winner: Kevin Sbraga of Bravo’s “Top Chef ” African-American foodies were close to tears when Kevin Sbraga became the first Black Top Chef winner.After seven seasons, it was like witnessing the inauguration of Barack Obama all over again … kinda.

Please Sit Down Award

Please Sit Cho’ Ass Down Award Winner: Sheree Whitfield of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” We give props to Sheree Whitfield for getting out of her comfort zone, but seriously what was she doing participating in Dancing Stars of Atlanta? Her robotic rumba was anything but comfortable.

LOL Award

Winner: Pep’s first date on VH1’s “Let’s Talk About Pep” The show aired in January of 2010, and we’re still laughing about the episode when Pep’s date lit his hair on fire while the two of them were in the hot tub. Romance flew out of the window once his S-curl went up in flames!

The Cameras Shouldn’t Been There Award

Winner: Fantasia of VH1’s “Fantasia For Real” When Fantasia went through her depression and suicide attempt, the cameras should have stopped rolling. Reality or no reality, that was an extremely private moment, and those who cared about her should have yelled, “Cut!”

Strange Moment Award

Winner: Lisa Raye on TV1’s “The Real McCoy” Kissing your child isn’t weird, kissing your19-year-old daughter while nuzzling and caressing her intimately is … um … odd.

Throw Something At The TV Award

Winner: Phaedra Parks of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” If having on full blown makeup wasn’t enough, we all took off our shoes and threw them at the television we Phaedra Parks said, “Gross,” after seeing her newborn son for the fist time.

Our Favorite Reality Star Award

Winner: Nene Leakes of VH1’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta We live for Nene’s confidence, personality and realness. She says what we are thinking, which is why she deserves this prestigious award.

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Most Talked About Moment Award

Winner: Chad Ochocinco on VH1’s “Ultimate Catch” On the first episode of “Ultimate Coach,” when the Cincannti Bengal picked only three Black women — out of the hundreds of women presented to him — to come into his house and compete to win his love, Black women everywhere where in an uproar.

PSA Award

Winner:Monica on BET’s “Still Standing” Monica unexpectedly passed out from high blood pressure while cooking her son breakfast on the show and made many of us go to the doctor to get our own blood pressure checked.

The Way Too Deep Award

Winner:Chilli of VH1’s “What Chilli Wants” How emotionally wrenching was it to watch Chilli open up to her psychiatrist about Usher, her abortion and Dallas Austin on episode #5? We had to shed a tear.

No Home Training Award

Winner: Evelyn Lozada of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” In episode #6, whileattending a charity function hosted by her BFF Jennifer, the firey Evelyn Lozada brought a date who was half her age and got so drunk that her boob popped for reasons we are still trying to figure out.

Grossed Out Award

Winner: Phillip Lambert of VH1’s “Money Hungry” When Phillip Lambertgotin the hot tub naked, licked his man boobs and showed his butt crack we all ran for the bathroom and looked for a paper bag.

The Happiest Reality TV Moment Award

Winner: Tiny Cottle and Toya Carter of BET’s “Tiny and Toya" We let out a sigh of relief when BET announced that “Tiny & Toya” wouldn’t be back for another season.

We Still Don’t Understand It Award

Winner: Cynthia on Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Two words: friend contract.Although she played it off as joke, we still think she was serious. Spooky.