2 Chainz’s ‘Realize’ Gets Rapper Stuck In Remy Ma And Nicki Minaj Beef
Paras Griffin

Seems 2 Chainz has landed in the middle of Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma’s beef.

The rapper recently appeared on DJ Drama’s Streetz Is Watchin, where he revealed that Minaj’s lyrics on “Realize” landed him in hot water with Remy. 

“We ran up on each other – Papoose and Remy. But it was all good vibes,” said the rapper. “I rock with Remy and Papoose. Me and Remy were talking about doing something before all this happened.”

On “Realize,” Minaj fired shots at Remy, name dropping Papoose and firing shots at Remy’s “Shether.”

Remy apparently told Chainz that she “don’t f—k with him” with the rapper adding that he kept Minaj’s verse because he didn’t want to step on her artistic expression. 

“I sent her a song. This is what the song apparently made her say or do,” he added. “I originally only asked Nicki for a hook. So for her to do more than a hook, I wasn’t gonna come back and say, ‘You doing too much.’ I was very appreciative of it.”

“I told them that I pray that they could come to some kind of resolution, because they’re two dope, black women.”