13 Celebs Who Don't Want You in Their Business

Celebs may work in the bright lights of Hollywood but that doesn't mean they want their personal lives all under the microscope. From Kerry Washington to Jesse Williams, Lauren London to Frank Ocean, here are 13 stars who don't want you anywhere near what they keep private. 

Lauren Porter May, 25, 2016

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Actress Lauren London is notoriously private and we wouldn't even know she was expecting baby #2 if it wasn't for her ATL castmate, T.I.! The star and boyfriend Nipsey Hussle welcomed their son, Kross, in August. 

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Kerry Washington loves to hold her secrets close. When she married husband Nnamdi Asomugha, it was a total surprise! Not to mention her pregnancy with daughter Isabelle and now her second. In 2015, the Scandal actress told Ebony "At a certain point, I realized that living my relationship in the public eye didn't work for me anymore and I just stopped," she explains. "I share a lot about my work, my lifestyle as well as my professional friendships. But I just don't share things that involve my personal family life - except for details about my dog, Josie. She's the blurry area." 

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Grey's Anatomy hunk Jesse Williams isn't a fan of his fans knowing the details of his private life. His marriage to wife Aryn Drake-Lee is off limits and both his daughter Sadie and son Maceo are rarely seen!

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We might as well start calling Queen Bey the guardian of secrets because nothing gets out that she doesn't want to. Whether it's about her marriage to hubby Jay Z, her life as mom to Princess Blue Ivy or you know killer albums like her latest, Lemonade, we know nothing until she gives the go ahead. 

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You may think you know a thing or two about Ms. Jackson but you have no idea. Since she stepped into the forefront of fame, Janet has kept a lot of her life to those who are important. We just hope when she gives birth to her little one, she'll give us a peek at her beautiful bundle of joy!

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The Rosewood actor is all about the business but when it comes to his family, some things are off limits. He told ESSENCE that the secret to the marriage he and his wife Pam of 21 years have is respect for each other.

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The Academy award-winner only wants the public to know what she wants the public to know. Halle only recently joined Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram giving us a closer look into her life as a mom of two. 

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Ms. Keri Baby is a lot of things but vocal about her life outside the studio she is not. If she's not heating up the 'gram with photos of her and her bae, NBA star Serge Ibaka, we don't hear much from the singer.

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The actor keeps the status of his personal life all to himself but he did tell Wendy Williams that his close-lipped nature started when he was a teenager. "I don’t live my life in that way. I don’t live my life in a social way. I don’t put everything out on social media. I don’t live that reality lifestyle. At the same time, I’ve always been private, ever since I was in high school."

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L-Boogie is not out here putting her business in the streets. Whether she's raising her 5 kids or working on new music, Ms. Hill kind of just goes with the flow and if she has any news to share, is on her own terms. 

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Missy Elliott is an undoubtable hitmaker who went MIA in 2005 but made a comeback in 2014. What happened when she went off the grid is something we might not ever know. 

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Skateboard P is all about keeping things happy, including life with wife Helen and son Rocket. Unfortunately, we just don't know all about it because he understandably likes to keep some things for himself.

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No one takes the cake of living the private life quite like Frank Ocean. The Grammy winner has always been quiet about details of his life especially about his highly anticipated and anxiously awaited sophomore album, which is still yet to be seen or heard. (Frank if you're reading, just give us the music, please!)


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