112’s Mike is recovering from the novel coronavirus, he recently revealed. The harrowing news comes as he and Marvin “Slim” Scandrick prep to release new music.

The group checked in V103’s Ramona DeBreaux about their Forever EP, and Slim shared that Michael “Mike” Keith was battling COVID-19, but he was good spirits at home. 

While shooting a recent video for one of their singles, Mike believes he was exposed to the coronavirus. He jumped on the phone to tell DeBreaux that he thought it was just a head cold from the air conditioner on the tour bus, but when he didn’t get any relief after a few days Mike decided to get tested for COVID-19. Four days later, the Grammy winner tested positive for the virus. He’s been sick since July 16.

“This Covid is real. It’s not a game. People need to put a mask on and take this thing seriously,” he told the Atlanta host. 

Mike admitted that this is the sickest he’s ever been. He’s experienced the same symptoms people have complained about, including loss of taste and smell. While those two senses have returned, he’s still battling respiratory issues, especially shortness of breath. 

During the highly anticipated 112 Verzuz Jagged Edge battle, the “Cupid” singers teased their new single “Spend it All” to positive reviews. The dynamic duo (down from its original four members) plan to release new music every two weeks in anticipation of their new EP. The album eventually bows August 21, but in the meantime 112 will share videos for “Spend it All,” “For Us” and “Caribbean Vibe.”

We wish Mike a speedy recovery. 


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