11 Times Kandi Burruss and Her Crew Lived Their Best Life in the Bahamas

No one can party quite like Kandi Burruss and her ATL squad of homegirls. Forreal. This time, she and her lovely ladies hit up the Bahamas where they flourished poolside, rejoiced on a boat and lived their best lives while doing so. Here are 11 times their latest trip truly made us jealous!

Lauren Porter May, 24, 2016

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What better way to celebrate turning 40 other than in the sunshine surrounded by your girls!

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When in the Bahamas, you either go big or you go home!

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It's only right that Kandi and Rasheeda made time for their favorite guys for some well-deserved couples time.

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When the sun goes down, the beautiful maxis come out!

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Baby Ace shared some puppy love with his Auntie Toya!

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When the mamas want to play, with the daddies the babies will stay!

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When on a boat, you laugh, you party, you enjoy life.

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Good times with great friends!

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Kandi and her two favorite guys look so great!

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Rasheeda and Toya slay and serve in their all-white looks.

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Does life really get better than this?!


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