As Election Day (Nov. 6) rolls around, the League of Young Voters is going into overdrive to ensure you have the best possible information on the candidates, referendums, voting requirements and more.

The league has compiled a list of 10 websites and apps that can assist you with a number of voter-related questions from polling locations to sample ballots in your area.

Take a look at the list below to satisfy all your voting questions and inquiries:

The (League of Young Voters):

This site is powered by Google’s new Voter Information Tool and gives voters everything they need from local polling places to sample ballots from your area. In addition, provides useful information on all races, candidates and measures that may affect you.

Voting System Scorecard (Rock the Vote):
This particular voting system provides a massive amount of information to those heading to the polls. It measures state laws and policies in three major ways: voter registration, casting a ballot and young voter preparation. Not to mention, this nifty tool evaluates each state’s implementation of policies based on a 21-point scale.

Vote with Friends (Fight for the Future):
For those voters looking to use Facebook on Election Day this tool is perfect. It allows you to turn your personal Facebook page into a get-out-the-vote operation. By using your friends list, you’ll be able to see who has voted, who is registered to vote, as well as ask them to pledge to vote.

Campus Vote Project:
This tool works best for college students looking to streamline the voting process come Election Day by allowing them to get in touch with administrators and local election officials. Campus Vote Project also helps students faced with voter problems like ID requirements and residency laws.

For those planning to run for office (both local and national), NationalBuilder provides the software necessary to begin organizing.

Polling Place Lookup (League of Young Voters):
It’s exactly what you think it is. By simply texting VOTE to 69866 you can get your local polling location.

I’m Voting (CNN/Facebook):
This particular app is a social tool for those who want to make their voices heard via Facebook. It gives users the option to choose a candidate, select issues and share their position with friends. CNN will use the information to get insights about Tuesday’s election.

Voter ID Requirement Map (HeadCount):

Don’t know what type of ID you need to vote on Tuesday? No problem. Headcount created this interactive map to show what’s required by state. Simply click on your state and you’ll instantly get your particular voter ID requirements, candidate information and more.

Think of this tool as more of an organizer. By signing up with TurboVote you’ll receive information and reminders about deadlines and more. Users will also receive necessary forms in the mail. How convenient!

The Salsa Platform:
Do you need help expanding your platform? This tool helps nonprofits and political campaigns fundraise, advocate, communicate and organize.