“Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 3 Recap

What a season!

Can you say supersized drama, ladies and gents? While season 3 of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” may have started on a peaceful note (remember when Kim and NeNe actually got along?), by the end it was clear these two preferred being arch enemies. To sum it up: NeNe had marital problems, got a boob job and a desk job. Kim started off as a lesbian, but ended up pregnant, by a man. Kandi wrote two more brilliant songs but still couldn’t get her money from Kim. Sheree tried her hand at dating and acting. Both didn’t go so well. And newcomers Phaedra Parks and Cynthia Baily had plenty of drama to keep everyone entertained. Take a look at 10 unforgettable moments from season three.

A “boughetto” baby shower

Phaedra assigns Dwight to plan her baby shower because she wanted it to be “ultra-Southern and over the top.” Dwight complies. There were big hats, ballerinas, male escorts, and Phaedra walking in to a standing ovation. And let us not forget the rhinestones on Phaedra’s eyelids. Is it us or was Dwight living out his own fantasies with his events for Phaedra? Still, it was a visual feast, miss honey. Kandi called the whole affair, “boughetto,” a little bit bougie, a little bit ghetto.

NeNe gets plastic surgery

NeNe emerges with a narrower nose and trimmer waist after episode 4. You’ve got to give to her for having enough chutzpah to reveal that she’s had plastic surgery. But did our girl really have to get three procedures in one episode? A breast lift, a nose job and liposuction in one go? Oh well, it’s NeNe so you either go hard or go home. “I could work it out, but I don’t feel like it,” she says NeNe about liposuction. Girl, we can relate.

Sheree kicks the good doctor to the curb

Apparently Sheree wasn’t woman enough for “Dr.” Tiy-E Muhammad, a fake doctor she begane dating this season. As the two faced-off about his qualifications (or lack thereof), Tiy-E (Sheree dropped the “doctor”) asked Sheree to prove that she was a woman. Waving his PhD “transcripts” in her face, Tiy-E ends the courtship — but not before asking why a man has to feed a woman before he can talk to her. Somebody please give “Dr. Love” a refresher on Chivalry 101.

Is this the end of NeNe and Gregg?

Greg and NeNe were in a really bad place this season and NeNe seems ready for a change, so she visits a divorce lawyer. It doesn’t help that Greg’s conversation with a “friend” about spending $300,000 to make his wife famous was broadcast all over the internet. Now Greg is a respectable fella, but $300,000, really? By now we know Greg isn’t a great communicator, and he does little to change this during their arguments, in one simply saying, “I know you are so close to being done. I know it’s got to be some immaculate fibers holding you here.” Word is these two have yet to file divorce papers in Atlanta, and they do make a great team. Let’s hope they work it out

Phaedra gives birth…at full-term

After weeks of the mystery that was Phaedra Park’s pregnancy, a truthful doctor came along to say that she was indeed 40 weeks preggers. Now why couldn’t her other “doctors” have told her that? Or was Phaedra keeping a little secret because no one in her family has children out of wedlock? On the reunion show Phaedra finally reveals that she was indeed pregnant when she got married.

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The bus brawl that changed everything

Oh lawd, why did Kim call NeNe the B-word? Only their Louis Vuitton (diva-style) luggage separated these supersized personalities from putting up their dukes. Not only did Kandi make the mistake of inviting Kim on the road, she allowed Kim to bring NeNe on the tour bus. From there all hell broke loose, or as one of our Twitter friends said, the Civil War was relived. The two former besties called each other all types of names, from immature and childish to slavemasters. All this neck snappin’ and poppin’ eyeballs out was so boughetto. Things haven’t been the same ever since.

Kim treats Sweetie like a “slave”?

NeNe accuses Kim of treating her assistant Sweetie like a slave. While the other ladies don’t necessarily see it as that extreme, they do warn Kim that there are certain ways you don’t speak to Black women. Well d’uh, “slaves don’t get paid, dumb-a**” declares Sweetie. On the reunion show, Kim explained that Sweetie meant so much more to her family than what we saw on the show.

Miss Lawrence makes his “Closet Freak” debut

Now we knew Sheree’s hairstylist Lawrence had more than pumps and lip gloss in his bag of tricks, but a classically trained voice we just didn’t expect. Kandi reveals a song she penned for him, appropriately titled “Closet Freak” and says she wants to turn him into the next RuPaul. We’ll bet a pair of Lawrence’s own five inch platforms this one’s going to be a Hotlanta club banger. Two snaps!

Cynthia is distraught…about her wedding

Nine hours before her wedding and Cynthia was crying on everybody’s shoulder. Now we know everybody’s a little nervous on their wedding day, but Cynthia seemed downright frightened. Somber for most of the day and dressed in black, you wouldn’t be faulted for thinking she was preparing for a funeral, rather than her wedding. Her mother Barbara breaks down and says she thinks Peter is financially abusive. “I don’t like the way he handles his business,” she says. “It breaks my heart…He needs to take care of you and Noelle.” But it’s her wedding day, probably a little late to have that talk.

Cynthia and Peter finally say “I do”

Peter showed up tipsy, Cynthia was clearly ambivalent about getting married, and her sister and mother tried to hide her marriage license. For a minute this wedding wasn’t going well, at all. Then, a moment of tenderness as Peter welled up watching his gorgeous wife-to-be emerge from the balcony. They kept the ceremony short, and filled with sweetness. In the end, “Mr. and Mr. Peter Thomas,” (as Cynthia’s wedding planner, Kithe Brewster, referred to them) had a beautiful wedding. Here’s to the lovely couple.