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10 Best Moments from 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Episode 14

The ladies decide to get along during the last leg of their trip to South Africa.
After two weeks in the “motherland” the ladies of Real Housewives of Atlanta seem to have a change of heart about all their petty in-fighting. Touched by their experience of seeing the less privileged at a local orphanage and village, they decide it’s time to put their difference aside. “For the first time during this trip I think that we are really truly bonding,” observes Phaedra Parks. “We are so blessed,” adds NeNe Leakes.

Unfortunately the kumbaya party doesn’t last long and everyone is back to their usual task of pointing out what they don’t like about their co-stars by the end of the episode. Kandi thinks Marlo spends too much time talking about designer labels. Cynthia flip-flops on her opinions of Marlo. And NeNe? Well, NeNe thinks “the smalls” are all phony.

Find out what 10 moments made this episode a memorable one.