The warm weather down in South Africa has nothing on the heat the ladies of “Real Housewives of Atlanta “ bring on their visit to the motherland.

The ATLiens arrive in the motherland with loads of (designer) luggage and way too much personal baggage (read: drama). Luckily Phaedra has done a great job by booking them uber fabulous penthouse accommodations. From the start Marlo makes it known that she’s gonna be a pest: she’s got her own set of unsolicited etiquette lessons to share, needs her own bathroom (she hates sharing), and needs to have the names and schedules of the housekeepers at the penthouse (maybe she fears they’ll snag her red bottoms).  “”Everybody knows Black women can sometimes be problematic,” observes Phaedra.

Between catfights and unnecessary gossiping, the ladies still managed to have glimpses of a lovely time on their first trip to “Africa.”

Here are 10 moments we’ll be talking about all week.

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