10 Best Moments from ‘Real Housewives’ Episode 15

10 Best Moments from ‘Real Housewives’ Episode 15

Girls gone wrong, so wrong. While episode 15 of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” was supposed to be about Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party, you’d be excused for mistaking this for an outtake of “The Bad Girls Club.” Now we love our reality TV drama as much as the next woman, but seeing NeNe and Kim take their bickering to the umpteenth level was a tad upsetting. These two weren’t the only ones flinging catty remarks about each other last night. Take a look at 10 moments we won’t soon forget.

NeNe and Kim bring their bus brawl to South Beach

You’d think arriving at an exclusive mansion on Star Island would cool Kim and NeNe down, but heck, all that heat just seemed to work them up. The two former besties continued calling each other all types of names, from immature and childish to slavemasters. All this neck snappin’ and poppin’ eyeballs out was so boughetto.

The ladies try to have a good time

The ladies tried to have a good time even as NeNe and Kim threw daggers at each other, at one point even toasting to the good life. If only the truce could have lasted.

Kim and Sweetie talk “slavery”

Kim and Sweetie finally have their own version of a serious talk about all that slavery stuff, you know, with NeNe accusing Kim of treating her assistant like an indentured servant. Well d’uh, “slaves don’t get paid, dumba**” declares Sweetie. See NeNe, Sweetie is liberated after all, she gets paid to put up with crap.

NeNe brings her BFF Diana to Miami

After finding out that everyone else could bring a friend Cynthia’s bachelorette party, NeNe calls up her BFF Diana to come down. Kim couldn’t even utter her name without Diana scolding her. “Don’t let my name come out of your mouth,” she instructed her, clearly ready for a fight.

NeNe was just not herself

What happened to out girl NeNe? Normally we relish in her saucy attitude, but she was in rare form on this episode. “I will snap your neck and pop your eyeballs out," she tells Kim at one point. And when she meets Kim’s “friend” Thomas Kramer, the man whose house she and the girls will be staying at, our girl has nothing better to say than, "I’m so surprised you’re friends with her.” Classy. We know NeNe was going through a lot of personal drama when this episode was taped, but maybe she should have taken her own advise and left. Sassy NeNe, please come back to us. We don’t like this petty one.

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Cynthia has a meltdown

Cynthia gets emotional when the girls start probing her about her upcoming wedding, especially the honeymoon which she thinks she and Peter may not be able to afford. Clearly distraught, Cynthia runs off to the bathroom, leaving the girls to talk about her upcoming wedding. And few had anything good to say. “She calls herself the runaway bride,” says Phaedra. “It looks like she’s ready to run away again.”

Cynthia wants to leave her own bachelorette party

Cynthia (or is it NeNe?) is so upset she decides she may want to leave her own bachelorette party and go back home. To this, the ever quotable Sheree says, “You ungrateful b****! We allflew down here for you. Get over it. Get out from under NeNe’s ass and woman up!” Enough said.

Kim and “Mr. Kramer” give us the creeps

Thomas Kramer clearly has a thing for Kim, and Kim plays right along, traipsing around his house in her barely-there mini and flirting with him. Sheree wasn’t too far off when she observed that Kramer might just be “another Big Papa in Miami.”

Cynthia works the runway

While in Miami, Cynthia walks at a fashion show and the ladies have nothing pleasant to say about her body. “She’s looking like a pretzel dipped in cottage cheese” observed Phaedra while Sheree mentioned that Cynthia was clearly a size 12. With “friends” like these, who needs enemies?

Phaedra brings on the strippers

Phaedra arranges for some of the strippers she represents to stop by at Cynthia’s bachelorette party. But before we could enjoy the eye candy, we, like Kim had just one questions to ask: “Why do strippers need lawyers?” Whatever the case, Phaedra seemed to be enjoying herself the most. “I do enjoy delighting in the pleasure of good stripping,” she said, clearly tickled by all that gyrating. Girl, bye! We can’t with you.