Black Creators is a special series highlighting some of the amazing Black women and men who’ve successfully used their passion and platform to unite our community.

During Marsha Barnes’ 15 years in her finance career, she constantly witnessed the financial challenges that individuals and families around the world were experiencing. In her own words, she noticed “how we can work so hard to attain many of the things we have in life, only to lose them.” It became her mission to educate as many people as possible about the importance of financial wellness. So, she founded The Finance Bar.

As the website explains, “The Finance Bar is a personal finance suite helping women and couples achieve financial wellness through coaching, education, and an innovative learning hub on wheels.” Barnes draws on her experience in areas such as foreclosure, bankruptcy, and learning and development. She is a Certified Financial Social Worker, Official FICO Brand Ambassador, and was named GOBankingRates’ 2018 Best Money Expert in the Net-Worth Category.

On the importance of helming Black-owned business in her industry, Barnes told ESSENCE, “oftentimes, our voice needs to be heard because growing up, many of the experiences that our clients and members at The Finance Bar have experienced, I can relate to. If you can’t relate, then how do you teach? There is this hyper awareness that I have to be present for those that trust in our services … We are committed to meeting our clients where they are on their financial journey.”

In the wake of COVID-19, Barnes’ services are critical. She says, “while [many individuals] were aware of the importance of their finances pre-pandemic, they are super aware of it now. We currently have a waiting list for potential clients that we are eager to link arms with. There are many history lessons around the financial turmoil that Black people and families have faced. [This is] an injustice that can no longer be ignored.”

Barnes and The Finance Bar are committed to helping individuals move from financially existing to financially thriving. “Financial wellness isn’t a luxury to be enjoyed by the few; any willing and determined person can turn their financial situation around.”

Since launching The Finance Bar, Barnes has helped hundreds of thousands of women and families transform their lifestyles by taking control of their finances. 

As for what she wants people to know about her business, Barnes told ESSENCE, “the Finance Bar is committed to their financial success and that being financially well is their birthright. From processing financial traumas of the past, to gaining intimate financial guidance or if they are seeking on-line financial education, we have them covered. Welcome aboard!”

You can get in touch with Barnes at, and follow The Finance Bar on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at @thefinancebar.