Black Creators: Ebony Jamison Of BrownSkinBeautiful Knows Transparency Is Key
Courtesy of Ebony Jamison of BrownSkinBeautiful LLC

Black Creators is a special series highlighting some of the amazing Black women and men who’ve successfully used their passion and platform to unite our community.

When it comes to beauty, Chicago-based blogger and founder of BrownSkinBeautiful, Ebony Jamison often reflects on a famous quote from the movie star, Sophia Loren: 

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.”

And it’s from that quote the fashion, beauty and lifestyle enthusiast’s BrownSkinBeautiful platform is rooted in. A southerner-turned-midwesterner, Jamison is a wife and mother of two with a 9 to 5 job as an accountant. 

In 2016, she launched her brand in efforts to showcase the many ways that Black women could be fly and time conscious at the same time. More personally, she wanted to hold herself accountable to carve out time for exploring non-job-related passions. Over the course of four years, Jamison’s brand has morphed into a lifestyle and beauty oasis, covering natural DIY hair, makeup, parenting, fashion, and lifestyle tips for the busy woman who is always on the go. 

“I love empowering women to uniquely be themselves even if it defies someone else’s standard of beauty,” says Jamison to ESSENCE.

Jamison wants Black women to know that they can be stylish and beautiful and still handle life like a boss. Her main goal is to effectively illustrate that beauty is what you make it and that we as Black women should embrace our beauty in every way, while also incorporating consistent self-care within our lives. 

“What makes me passionate about creating content is the ability to reach and touch so many people and be able to inspire them to be the best versions of themselves in every aspect of their lives,” Jamison says.

She aims to teach, inspire, and connect with women through beauty, fashion, and lifestyle in an effort to dismantle mainstream standards. She believes in transparency—empowering women to embrace and flaunt their unique selves.

“From beauty to parenting to style, I try to keep it as transparent as possible to show that life may not be perfect, but in the midst of it all, We got this! I love connecting and growing with my followers, and I believe in transparency with them in person [or] in DMs and comments” she says. 

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