'Empire' Star Grace Byers Shares a Sweet Birthday Message For Husband Trai Byers

With a heartfelt poem, the actress wishes her co-star and life partner another happy year of life.

Brittney Oliver Jul, 20, 2017

Empire actors Grace and Trai Byers say the sweetest things to each other, but this post takes their affection to peak Black Love levels.

It’s Trai’s 34th birthday and it’s only right that Grace dedicates a special post to her husband, but what she shared to her king was a royal message about their love that will have you gushing.

In an intimate photo from their wedding day, Grace shared a poem about the love she receives from Trai and her desires for everyone to feel loved like she does.

“i will never understand
how you are able to externally translate
the incredible reservoirs of love
that you house within yourself –
i absorb every drop.
how i wish i could
divide your love into a million little pieces
and cast it into the ocean for the world to plunge in.
Happy Birthday, my King.”  

Happy Birthday, Trai!