12 Refreshing Sweet Tea Recipes For the Southern Belle In You

Sweet tea isn’t just a Southern favorite anymore. Here are the 12 best sweet tea recipes around.

Amber McKynzie Aug, 25, 2016

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My Recipes helps peach nectar and frozen lemonade go a long way in this crafty concoction.

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Country Living transforms black tea and apple juice into a tasty afternoon treat.

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My Recipes brings you this ginger and honey combination was made to soothe the soul.

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My Recipes offers this tangy sweet tea rendition with an exotic twist.

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Try this refreshing sweet tea twist fused with frozen fruit, brought to you by My Recipes

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Known as an Arnold Palmer to most, My Recipes breaks down the perfect sweet-and-sour mix to quench your thirst.

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According to Martha Stewart, adding a little something special to your tea from time to time never hurt anybody.

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Switch up this classic sugary substance with fresh chopped mint, frozen blackberries and a pinch of baking soda. Check out My Recipes for instructions.

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If you’re looking for a healthier version to your favorite sweet drink, try My Recipes' 68-calorie sweet tea rendition.

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My Recipes blends this savory beverage with fresh mint leaves, a sliced lemon and a cup of bourbon to bring out the tea’s classic flavor.

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Thanks to My Recipes, this combination of two sweet delicacies is perfect over ice or ice cream, whichever you prefer.

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Have the South’s classic sweet drink at your fingertips in 30 minutes or less. Check out the recipe at My Recipes.