#MCM: 12 Photos of Omari Hardwick Being Humble and Sexy At the Same Time

Now that season 3 is back with a bang, Power's leading man Omari Hardwick has our hearts racing once again. Let's just enjoy all of the goodness that is Mr. Hardwick to help get you through the week.

Charli Penn Jul, 25, 2016

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Starz's hit series POWER is back in full swing and the fans have come down with Omari Hardwick fever once again. Hardwick, who stars in POWER as James "Ghost" St. Patrick is single-handedly creating his own summer heat wave.

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Hardwick's casual cool sexy vibes get us every time.

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Hardwick looks good in every hue - wouldn't you agree?

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Hardwick has a way of saying so much without saying anything at all. Not only is the ESSENCE July cover star gorgeous, but he's equally humble too.

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Hardwick's humble heart is his greatest quality. In addition to his work in Hollywood, he's also a poet, an activist and a huge advocate of other's gifts and talent.

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Hardwick's in full chill mode in this shot, and we love it.

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Hardwick, a proud husband and father of two, isn't afraid to laugh a little and let go of the serious business when he steps off the set on his hit show, Power on STARZ.

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Unless Hardwick is headed to a red carpet, the former football player likes to outfit that athletic build of his with attire that's casual yet chic.

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We fell in love with Hardwick long before he stepped onto the scene as "Ghost" on Power, and it most likely happened somewhere between hearing him recite poetry to watching how deeply he cares for those closest to him.

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Did we mention his silly side?

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Hardwick has put a spell on women across the country who can't wait to tune into Power and watch him bring James "Ghost" St. Patrick to life.

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This man is sexiness realized.

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When did you first fall for Mr. Hardwick? Tell us below!

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