The Best Dessert Inspired Cocktails to Sweeten Your Party Menu

Make your next party the best party by serving one of these delicious dessert-inspired cocktails.

Lauren Porter Aug, 25, 2016

1 of 8 Always Order Dessert

Sip on a little bit of heaven with this recipe. It's sweet, easy and refreshing! 

2 of 8 Crave Local

We can't help but say yes, yes, yes to this Tiramisu Martini

3 of 8 Spicy Southern Kitchen

It's a dessert in a glass, what could be better! Try this pineapple upside down cocktail and we promise you won't be disappointed. 

4 of 8 My Life As a Mrs.

We can't even begin to descibe how yummy this sweet treat is, it'll leave you wanting refill after refill. 

5 of 8 Pop Sugar

This isn't just your regular ole milkshake. Some chocolate, some graham crackers and something for adults only will have you saying yes! 

6 of 8 Homemade Hooplah

Sign us up for this Orange Creamsicle Cocktail, it looks like guaranteed satisfaction. 

7 of 8 Pop Sugar

Made with cinammon, this is the perfect cocktail to sip with ease. 

8 of 8 Food Network

It maybe be warm drink but that's ok! Tasting like apple pie makes it a go in our eyes.