Sundays are not as scary as they used to be. Since they’ve (unofficially) become Insecure Sundays, we excitedly wait for 10:30 PM to roll around so we can laugh, cry and see what shenanigans our favorite fictional BFFs will get themselves into. We’re also just as excited to see what bold or perfectly-toned nude lipstick Molly, played by Nigerian-American actress Yvonne Orji (her Yes, Girl! interview is chock full of gems), will be rocking.
Over the course of the show’s two season history, Yvonne has developed a signature look, both on and off the small-screen, that we’ve come to love her for — a blunt cut (more on that later), a fabulous lippy and flawless looking skin. The woman behind Yvonne’s uber chic beauty look is makeup artist Camara Aunique. The celebrity makeup artist, who now counts Lisa Price, Michaela Angela Davis, and Yvonne as not only clients but a part of her inner circle, got her start begging other makeup artists to show her the ropes. Thanks to her hard-work and undeniable talent, others are now begging Camara for advice. Ahead the artist’s makeup and beauty tips for looking as fierce and flawless as Yvonne.

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Starting in the industry and meeting Yvonne for the first time

“Funny enough, I used to beg the girls at the 34th street MAC store to teach me how to do makeup, and they would never want to teach me. So I basically took it upon myself to learn what I wanted to do. To be honest, I had no idea where I was going with it but I’m so glad I started. My relationship with Yvonne started at Sundance Film Festival. One my clients brought me to Park City do her makeup and I ended up meeting a ton of amazing women including Yvonne. From there we built this really great relationship, and have always kept in touch. So now whenever she comes to New York, she hits me up to do her makeup. And of course I make myself available!”

How to keep makeup fresh all day

“I always tell women that the best trick for keeping makeup fresh all day is drinking lots of water. Drinking water helps to get rid of the oiliness in your skin, which means your makeup lasts way longer. It’s also important to develop a skin care routine that really works for you — get facials, do whatever you have to do to get your skin in good condition before you put makeup on. Blend, blend, and then blend some more “When it comes to makeup application remember that blending is your friend! That’s the one thing I say to everyone, blend, blend, blend. I love to add water to a beautyblender, because it really softens out the look of foundation. I even like applying moisturizer with a brush or beautyblender, since it helps the moisturizer really penetrate into your skin.” On Yvonne’s signature beauty look “The blunt cut was all Takisha; she does Kerry Washington’s hair and is just the bomb! When it comes to makeup, Yvonne typically loves to play with color but this time around I took it down a bit. It’s a more minimal clean look that truly lasts all day and perfect for interviews.” Camara’s products behind the beat MAKEUP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation ($43): “I fell in love with this foundation because it’s amazing and truly lasts all day long — I never have to touch-up her makeup when she’s wearing this.” Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer ($25): “This concealer literally locks in place and does not move! And Kat Von D does not play when it comes to color, so there are shades that match our full-range of skin tones.” The Lip Bar Liquid to Matte Lipstick ($13): “I love using Lip Bar’s products on Yvonne because she doesn’t constantly have to reapply and most importantly the formula is not drying. It doesn’t get flaky and cracked like a lot of matte lipsticks do.” Shop them below!


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