The secret to Wendy Joseph’s balance of mind, body and skin is a masterful harmony between self-care and positive energy. The 29-year-old social media star protects her glow and alleviates the stress of a hectic schedule of YouTube video shoots, running a fitness company and Instagram posts by carving out time to meditate, disconnect from the Internet and recharge. 

“By stepping away from the online world and coming back to myself, I can truly nourish my inner being so that I can be more valuable to my fiancé Dan, my friends, my family and my audience,” she says. “If I can’t shut down and relax, I can’t be my best self.”

Among her sun-soaked workouts, date nights and worldwide jet-setting, Joseph adds to her overall self-care with Aveeno Positively Radiant Sheer Facial Moisturizer SPF 30. She swears by its skin-toning properties to not only reveal her most luminous, touchable skin but also to make her feel radiant from the inside out. “It literally makes my skin shine more,” she says of this lightweight, fast-absorbing product packed with light diffusers that are a reflection of bright, positive aura. “I feel like you can see little sparkles glistening on my skin.”

From wake-up to wind down, follow Wendy’s revitalizing ritual throughout her day to learn her tips and trick to keep her aura balanced.

9:30 AM: I wake up naturally without an alarm clock or anything like that. First, I check my emails only to see if something’s urgent. I don’t actually go through them, I just check the subject lines for anything urgent. Around the same time, I make a cup of coffee and listen to something inspirational or an audiobook.

Right now I’m listening to Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life by Wayne Dyer. I focus my thoughts to stay positive and to be thankful and appreciative at the beginning of the day. This has been my routine for the past year, and just from waking up in a new mindful way, I’ve seen the most progress in my career, in my self-development, in my skin — everything.

10:00 AM: I meditate and do the Five Tibetan Rites yoga poses every morning, no matter the order. Both really get my breathing going, stretch my body out and help me to feel revitalized. The rites also help me to be more mindful and calm.

11:00 AM: Now I’m finally ready to get my day started! I wash my face, then use Aveeno Positively Radiant Sheer Facial Moisturizer SPF 30 which really wakes me up! At this point, I’ve done everything internally to take care of myself, and applying this daily moisturize onto my face just helps boost my overall self-care. This product doesn’t make you feel oily and sweaty. It just feels like I have a weightless protector on my face all day, which is pretty cool.

11:30 AM: I eat a mostly plant-based breakfast or a super shake filled with an assortment of vegetables, fruits and protein to give me energy and good vibes all day. It’s so important to consume an abundance of nutrients and tasty fresh food because I can’t reach my full potential if I don’t have at least a baseline of great health.

12:00 PM: I head to workout for 45 minutes to an hour, where I either walk outside, do a body weight exercise or visit a gym that has a good outdoor area. I get as much sun as I can because I truly feel the vitamin D helps my skin and my mood. Being outside, breathing in the fresh air and feeling it on my face helps protect me from stress.

1:30 PM: I start answering emails and preparing Instagram posts or filming and editing a video for YouTube. I’m co-owner of True4You Fitness, so I also check with clients to see if they need anything. Running my own business and helping people transform their lives gives me so much joy and a huge sense of purpose. It also gives me the freedom to do things that enrich my life, such as traveling.

3:30 PM: I usually take a break around this time from the computer to switch things up, snack on chips or popcorn, and chill. With jobs in the past, disconnecting for a moment of self-care was impossible. But now that I have created my life to have the freedom I want, my soul and aura shines brighter than ever! I am more unapologetically me than I have ever been and I love it.

 5:00 PM: I start wrapping up my work day unless I have a work-related event. I look towards enjoying a movie at home with my fiancé Dan, meeting up with friends at a happy hour, or doing anything that leads to great conversation and food! For me, life is all about experiences, which are enjoyed 100 times better when you’re present and with people you love. It’s a welcomed constant reminder that I am a part of something so beautiful and so much bigger than myself.

 9:00 PM: I put my phone on airplane mode and wind down pretty early usually. Powering off gives me a chance to reconnect with myself after a long day. It’s like working out. You don’t get better from the workout itself but from the recovery phase of that workout. Resting, eating well, and allowing for my mind, body and spirit to rejuvenate. Although many people see it as disconnecting from the day, I see it as reconnecting to life!

11:00 PM: I am out like a light! Celebrate the rituals that keep you and your skin balanced. Discover the products for your perfect skin regimen at


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