YouTube and L’Oreal Paris Are Launching a Beauty Vlogger School

Being a beauty vlogger is a whole lot more than simply showing off your artistic talents and reviewing the latest and greatest in makeup. To be a big time success you have to not only be business savvy but have working knowledge of video production and develop your own unique esthetic. Now YouTube and L’Oreal Paris are joining forces to help build the next great beauty vlogger brands with their very own online beauty school.

Wondering where you can set up for this dream education? Not so fast. WWD reports that 10 French beauty vloggers will be “enrolled” in June and the school will run for six months, during which the chosen few will receive education in everything from video production to audience development. The whole shebang will be documented for a reality show that will air on L’Oreal Paris’s very own YouTube channel.

We’re really hoping there will be an English translation for the series because we’re dying to get our hands on the secrets of successful vloggers. It’s an art form in and of itself. And we’ll keep our fingers crossed in hopes that if it’s a success, they’ll bring the beauty academy to the States to give a little assistance to beauty vloggers on this side of the pond.

This article first appeared on MIMI.


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