My nighttime routine where I would layer (perhaps one too many) oils onto my face to get soft, supple, and dewy skin by morning had been working for me until it wasn’t. Late into my face oil obsession, I began noticing large scaly dry patches on my skin. I consulted a dermatologist who told me the oils I had been using was doing more harm than good. It turns out my face oils were causing buildup that triggered my breakouts.

I couldn’t understand why something so many skincare buffs rave about would do my skin in. I summed it up to everything not being for everybody and swore off face oil for good.

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My decision to end my love affair with face oils didn’t stop them from reaching my desk, though. They touted buzzy ingredients and super cute packaging, but still, I resisted. I wasn’t sure that I would ever recover from the trauma of my past breakout. Being someone who isn’t prone to blemishes, the whole ordeal stressed me out. But alas, I’ve decided to give face oils another chance, because if everyone else is using them, then why can’t I? For the past three weeks, I’ve been courting a new face oil, and so far, so good. Unlike other products I’ve tried, the Advanced Multi-Perfecting Red Oil Serum from VENN is formulated with natural plant oils, and apparently, that makes a huge difference in warding off blemishes.

Photo: VENN

Before trying the serum, I consulted with Dr. Mun, VENN’s co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer, who explained that the formula only contains natural, plant-derived oils, that won’t hamper the skin.

“Typically, applying too much oil on your skin may create an oil film that prevents the skin from breathing, and may even clog pores and result in breakouts. But this often happens with synthetic oils, and is less the case with natural, plant-derived oils,” shared Dr. Mun.

The more I learned about this botanically based product, the more I understood my bout with breakouts. The truth is, I had no clue whether or not the oils I had been using were natural or synthetic, but my gut is telling me they were the latter.

If you’re in the market for a new face oil that doesn’t result in blemishes, you’ll want to make sure it includes very low percentages of comedogenic ingredients. To support healthy cell turnover, Dr. Mun suggests using plant-derived oils like VENN’s Advanced Multi-Perfecting Red Oil Serum instead. “Kiwi Seed Oil and Rosehip Fruit Oil (which are in VENN’s Red Oil Serum) are examples of such plant-derived oils that activate cell turnover.”

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For the past twenty-one days, I’ve been amazed by Venn’s botanical-based oil. I have supple skin and a more radiant complexion that’s free of blemishes. Sometimes we have to go through trials like troubled skin, to learn important lessons such as read the ingredients. Better late with better skin than never right?


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