National Love Your Hair Day: 16 Women of Color Share Why They Love Their Hair
Kofi Dua (Kof Motivation)

Learning to truly love yourself, and all the parts that make you you, can be a tricky task; which is probably why so many consider the act of self-love a life’s journey.

For many women of color, learning to love their hair has been an even more arduous because for so long we’ve been inundated with social and political messages to do the opposite. Thankfully the last few years have allowed many of us to experience a cosmic shift, due in large part to the communities formed both on and offline, in the way we feel and talk about our hair. 

While we never need a reason to celebrate the glory that is our crowns, today we proudly (and enthusiastically) celebrate National Love Your Hair Day. We’ve asked a few of our favorite ladies, including model/activist Ebonee Davis and beauty entrepreneur Ofunne Amaka, to share why they love their hair.

Their answers are powerful and affirming and serve as a great reminder that we should love our hair, in all it’s texture and glory, each and every day. 

Ebonee Davis 

“I love my natural hair because I am defying beauty standards that once made me feel inadequate and in dosing so I’m resisting a system of oppression and inspiring other’s to do the same.” 

Fucking up your beauty standards, daily. ✊🏿

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Mel Burgos 

“I love my hair because it was God’s gift to me.” 

Ofunne Amaka 

“I love my hair because simply put, it’s beautiful. For so long we’ve been taught black hair types are ugly or hard to manage or unprofessional but I’m glad I’ve finally realized that it’s not any of of those things. It’s ethereal.”

gotta stay focused. #entrepreneurlife #beautyboss

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Farhiya Shire 

“I love my natural hair because it’s liberating and natural to embrace the heritage that grows out of your scalp rather than to assimilate to the beauty standards this world teaches you.” 

Channeling my inner Diana Ross 💜🦁

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Renee Williams 

“It’s unpredictable, it’s bold, it’s sometimes fragile, it’s sometimes strong. But it is always my personality, and it hates to be tamed.” 

Yari Blanco

“I love my hair because it’s as fluid as my style and an extension of my personality. Sometimes it’s tamed and in a bun others it’s wild and free with curls flying everywhere.” 

Everyday is Gods day. ⚡️🌱

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Ambrosia Malbrough 

“I love my hair because it is what grows from my scalp and there is no other mane like it.”


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Tiffany Lighty

“I love my hair because it is a true extension of myself; it’s wild, it’s versatile, it’s sensitive, it’s fun and still growing.” 

I rock rough and stuff with my afro puffs ⚡️➰

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Jenné Claiborne

“I love my hair because it’s so versatile. My current hairstyle is sooooo great because I can just wake up and go. Also, the longer I wear these crochet locs, the more natural they look.” 

Madison Utendahl 

“I love that my hair matches my sprit. It’s strong and wild, it can withstand high and lows ultimately, it loves me for exactly who I am. If I am good to my hair and nurture her, she’s good to me!”

Krystal Elaine Scott

“I grew up with natural hair before the movement became widespread, and I love my hair for teaching me how to love myself even if others don’t understand my magic.”


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“I love my hair because it is always evolving to be bigger, longer and curlier!’

Adesuwa Aighewi

“I love that when people see me and even though sometimes their confused as to where I’m from; once they look at my hair they know I am of African decent. I change my hair quite often. It’s an extension of me and one of my main outlets to express myself.” 

FW SS18 💫

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Jade Kendle 

“My hair allows me to express myself in a unique way. It’s amazing how my mood can dictate or is dictated by my hair. Whether I’m feeling wild and free or conservitive and chic; you can see it in my hair.”


“I love my curly hair because it’s unique and loud! It makes me feel confident and I love experimenting with different styles.” 

Added some lowlights to my hair to go a teeny bit darker for Fall 🍁✨

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Tierra Taylor 

 “I love that my hair can be unpredictable. It allows me to get creative and think of news ways to style it!”

📸 @ola_idowu

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We’d love to hear why you love your hair, share below!