Why You Need This 100-Year-Old French Beauty Secret
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Of all the French beauty products we covet, micellar water is a top pick. Our French beauty comrades have been using this skin saver for over a hundred years, but we’re only just learning how magical it is.

What makes the no-rinse staple so versatile is its chemical makeup. Although it looks like plain water to the naked eye, it’s actually made up of micelles, or teeny cleansing oil molecules. Ultimately, your skin is cleansed from the inside out because these miniscule miracles literally latch onto dirt before diminishing it completely.

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That’s why the all in one makeup remover, cleanser and moisturizer is a must for the French, who value simple and effortless routines. And unsurprisingly, this beauty secret has wiggled its way onto American soil with the help of MUAs and cosmetic companies.

If you’re skeptical or have no idea how to use micellar water, press play and get familiar with one of our personal favorites, the Bioderma Sebium H20. It’s in this month’s BeautyBox and our editors can’t put it down.

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