Why Workout Classes with Your Girlfriends Should Replace Happy Hour
Instagram // @michellemar.ques and @hellolaurenash

When most of us think of the perfect night out with the girls, it typically means meeting for drinks at our favorite neighborhood bar.

However, over the last year a major shift has started to happen. Gone are the days of several rounds of cocktails, and in their place are yoga and Pilates classes. Most recently, I suggested that me and a girlfriend head to New York City’s Breathe Salt Room to catch-up. 

Why a salt room instead of martinis? Well, there’s a laundry list of health benefits to salt therapy also known as halotherapy. Salt is antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral so when inhaled it clears the air passageways of toxins and pollens. It’s also an anti-inflammatory and believed to relieve severe eczema and acne.

As a new mom, my social life has shifted quite a bit. I’ve opted more for daytime hangs and less late nights. And I’m not alone. There’s certainly been a rise in Black women incorporating wellness into their lives. 

But why? 

Our busy schedules are definitely one reason. We’re juggling careers, relationships, passion projects, raising children and working out, all while trying to keep our eyebrows and friendships intact. So trading in happy hour for a moment of self-care with a friend is a great option. 

It’s also much more cost effective. A $25 workout class instead of dropping $100 on drinks and dinner seems like an absolute no brainer. But the main reason that we’re seeing a shift towards incorporating wellness into the way we socialize is because so many are finally realizing just how important self-care and wellness are.

In the past you’d only expect your gym-obsessed friend to join you at a barre class, or only your health-obsessed pal would have any interest in a meditation session. But times have truly changed and people are being intentional about caring for themselves.

As new ways of bringing wellness practices into our lives become available, new ways of sharing those practices with the ones we love will also become more and more prevalent. So next time you plan to link up with the girls, casually suggest a hot yoga or zumba class instead. We’re sure their reaction might surprise you!