The Head to Toe Beauty Routine Of A Victoria’s Secret Angel
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It’s that time of year again. Tis’ the season when temperatures are dropping and Christmas bells are ringing. Who better to top it all off than gorgeous runway models slaying the runway in lingerie and heels?

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Maria Borges works the runway during the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris.

I know, I know…for some of us, it’s the time of year where we painfully regret not hitting the gym as frequently as we should, but for the most part, it’s super exciting to see blinged out lingerie bouncing down the runway to the hottest beats at the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. This year’s extravaganza, airing tonight at 10pm EST on CBS, was filmed in the romantic city of Paris and once again, the angels killed it. Here’s our behind the scenes scoop on how these beauties get runway ready from head to toe: Windswept Waves and Natural Textures Like most people, you may have Googled “Victoria’s Secret Waves” at some point in your hair journey (I know I sure have). How exactly do they get those perfectly, imperfect beachy waves? The answer is Beachwaver Co.; seems pretty obvious, right?

This rotating iron is not only a hit in the beauty world, but it rocks the runway in the best way. When used in combination with mousse and a blowdryer, the results are perfect waves that look super effortless. This year, the brand’s also embracing natural textures and hair lengths, which means some models are strutting the runway in short, natural ‘dos. Flawless Complexions One thing’s for sure; I’ve never seen a VS model hit the runway with a blemish. We’ve always wondered how that works since blemishes tend to pop up at the most inconvenient times.

This year, the angels took to Instagram to share their skincare prep in flawless selfies while wearing Mimi Luzon’s Pure 24K Gold Masks. If you thought the VS angel experience was any less than luxurious, think again. This whopping $300 mask with gold leaf gives instant lift and life to skin; an instant pick me up if there ever was one. If a mask made of pure gold isn’t enough, the models top it off with a facial by skincare specialist Msia Shiman, who has perfected their runway skin since 2010. Her oxygen facials are a favorite the angels look forward to getting before showtime. And let’s be honest, their dewy, clear complexions speak for themselves.

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Wings For the Eyes

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One thing about the VS Fashion Show is that the models are supposed to exude natural beauty. With that being said, the angels typically wear a minimal makeup look. From dewy skin to flushed pink cheeks, the overall aesthetic screams au naturale and we love it. This year, the models are switching things up with a subtle winged eyeliner to mimic the angel wings going down the catwalk. Like they say, there’s always beauty in the details. Body Glow You may be thinking, “A brown girl gets a spray tan, too?” Why yes, they do! I too used to think spray tanning was only for the fairer skinned of the world, but boy, was I amazed when I got my first spray tan using Vita Liberata, the same brand being utilized by the VS angels. Think bronzed, glowy, healthy skin without going on a beach vacation.

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Maria Borges, Jourdana Phillips and Herieth Paul are spotted backstage before strutting their stuff at the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris.

The Vita Liberata spray tan is applied to all of the angels and topped off with their Body Blur HD Skin Finish, which conceals bumps, blemishes and helps to reflect light.Remember: winter is the perfect time to experiment with spray tanning without the worry of harsh UV rays. Now that we’ve spilled all the model secrets, you can strut your very own versions for a holiday event, date night or just because!


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