10 Amazing Beauty Products Your Vagina Will Be Thankful For

Vaginal health should be considered an integral part of every woman’s beauty routine. There are a slew of ways to keep the area below your equator in check and it doesn’t need to be boring! These products cover all bases and are pretty enough to sit on your bathroom vanity. Click through to shop the 10 products your “hooha” will be eternally grateful for. 

Nikki Brown Aug, 24, 2016

1 of 10 Sweetspot

Sweetspot’s gentle body wash is 97% natural, PH-balanced, gynocologist tested/recommended,  made by women and in our August BeautyBox. How much more convincing do you need to make an investment. It’s also worth noting that this sweet-smelling wash can be used all over the body; not just between your legs.

2 of 10 Healthy HooHoo

These on-the-go wipes are fragrance-free, pH balanced and infused with aloe for an extra layer of moisture. Store them in your gym bag or travel carry-on for “private” emergencies. 

3 of 10 Fur You

The hype is real for this innovative oil. When applied to your pubic hair, it softens each strand and penetrates into the skin to prevent ingrowns. It’s also been dermatologically and gynecologically tested, so the chances of infection are slim to none.

4 of 10 Very Private

If you’re lacking moisture in your v-spot, this 2-in-1 product will moisturize your outer regions and work as a lubricant for the inner layers. The actual packaging is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, making it a discrete item for romantic sleepovers.

5 of 10 Shea Moisture

Whether you visit a waxing center or do it yourself, Shea Moisture’s all-natural cream will sooth the skin post-hair removal with a softening blend of shea, honey and cocoa. Gymnema Sylvester Leaf Extract also works to naturally slow future hair growth.

6 of 10 Shaveworks

A lighter after-shave option is this cooling gel that tingles to the touch. Exfoliating agents will also penetrate the skin to force ingrown hairs out. 

7 of 10 RepHresh

If your pH levels are off-balance, odor, infections and dryness will flourish. A personal lubricant like RepHresh will relieve discomfort and refresh your V-spot. Because this gel can get messy, we recommend applying before bed.

8 of 10 New Freshness

For athletes especially, a deodorant spray is the best way to diminish odor on-the-go. This spritz is formulated with baking soda and cornstarch for more immediate (and fragrance-free) results. 

9 of 10 Nene Organics

This 100% natural spray is formulated with rose water and lavender if you need a refresher that you can actually smell.

10 of 10 Completely Bare

If you prefer going bare below the equator, Completely Bare’s lemongrass-scented moisturizer is proven to reduce hair density and growth by 50% after one month’s use.