Urban Decay Launches NAKED Honey Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay dropped a bomb on fans yesterday when it announced that the brand is releasing a new NAKED Honey eyeshadow palette. The palette includes 12 matte and metallic shades that range in hues that complement melanin rich skin, including a bold gold shade appropriately named ‘Honey.’ The vibe is very disco fever, making you want to replicate iconic Diana Ross and Donna Summer looks. Although waking up on any given day gives us that feeling.

The brand teased in an Instagram post that more details on the drop will come on September 3rd. A few hours later they posted a photo of Lizzo performing at their Stay Naked collection party. Earlier this summer she was named one of Urban Decay’s global citizens, along with CL, Joey King, and Karol G. And the “Juice” singer posted her own Instagram story about the Honey palette earlier this week.

We know that Urban Decay’s NAKED palettes have a cult-like following and sell out quickly, and with Lizzo as the possible face for this one, it’s expected to fly off shelves. We’ll stay posted on this tea so that we can get our hands on our Honey hues before they’re gone.