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Uoma Beauty Is Now At Nordstrom

When founder Sharon Chuter said to #PullUpOrShutUp, she mean't it.
By Blake Newby · March 29, 2021

When UOMA Beauty founder Sharon Chuter told beauty brands to #pulluporshutup last year, she was speaking to the retailers too. “So often Black-owned brands are given the worst visibility in these stores,” she tells ESSENCE during a socially-distanced tour of her new booth in Nordstrom. “That is, if we even get into these retailers in the first place.” That’s why, when her brand was tapped by Nordstrom to be a part of their newest Inclusive Beauty brand roster, Chuter knew that she’d only do so if given equal support as her beauty counterparts.

And that’s exactly what she got. At the retailer’s state of the art beauty department in the heart of Manhattan, UOMA Beauty is located when you immediately walk in, a colorful masterpiece that’s impossible to miss. “I wanted there to be a wow factor when shoppers saw our booth,” she says. “I also wanted it to be easy shopping given the restrictions with trying product during this pandemic, so it’s set up in a way that you can shop the right complexion range, color range, and eye necessities for yourself seamlessly.” It’s worth mentioning that the first of many UOMA Beauty booths currently sits directly aside luxury powerhouse Chanel Beauty, further revealing the retailer’s commitment to giving Black-owned brands the space they deserve.

Now available on Nordstrom online, over the next few months, UOMA Beauty will be rolling out across dozens of more stores around the country. And before you ask, yes, it will be given equally-prioritized visibility in all, finding its home next to high-traffic brands such as MAC Cosmetics and so many others.