According to the World Health Organization, more than 300 million people suffer from depression worldwide, and by 2030 it will be the largest contributor to disease. Spas are taking note by adding a more “healthy mind” approach to their offerings. Some wellness retreats and spas have even hired neuroscientists and psychotherapists to help meet a greater need for holistic balance. You can now meditate on-demand in certain hotels—the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, for example, offers Stay Well meeting spaces and rooms that include everything from air purification to dawn-simulating lighting so guests can unwind even more.


This year, look for a fresh batch of mind–body workouts that are far from your basic yoga retreat. Programs like In-Trinity—an innovative concept from the guy who created Spinning—meld meditation, yoga, Pilates and martial arts. These exercises are performed atop an ergonomic slanted board while you listen to music that elicits meditative brain waves. (If you’re near L.A., try to secure a coveted spot at the LifeFit Center on the California State Long Beach campus.) No matter your preference, there are tons of options to make a healthy mind and spirit a top priority. Check them out below! 

This feature originally appeared in the April 2017 Issue of ESSENCE Magazine.