Treat Your Mom To A Virtual FaceGym Date This Mother’s Day
Photo: Courtesy of FaceGym

Flowers, brunch and quality time are a few gifts we give our mothers each Mother’s Day to show our appreciation for their unwavering love and support. The new normal, however, may make gift giving challenging this year, as florists struggle to meet the needs of holiday shoppers, and as states delay the reopening of restaurants and the lift on the stay-at-home orders, to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Thankfully, there are ways we can celebrate our mothers virtually, and FaceGym’s personal training (PT) sessions, which include digital 1-on-1 and group sessions with a global trainer, proves to be the perfect gift.

This week, I had an opportunity to experience FaceGym’s signature sculpting techniques that lift, tone and contour the face virtually, and trust me when I say that this is an experience that everyone (including your mom) is sure to enjoy. 

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The workout left my face glowing, but not because of sweat. It was a result of the guided exercises that helped drain my lymphatic system, which left me looking lit from within.

I’ve always been fascinated by FaceGym’s extensive menu of face workouts—which includes one for cheek sculpting, brow lifting and Guasha—but I was especially impressed with my customized workout that addressed signs of aging and contouring my jawbone. I wanted to focus on those areas because I’m in club 30, and I’ve been taking in twice as many calories during quarantine and it’s finally starting to show.

When you book one of FaceGym’s 1-on-1 or group sessions of up to six people, you can also customize your workout by completing an intake form where you check off boxes that pertain to your skin care concerns.

And beyond being the ultimate gift for moms this Mother’s Day, FaceGym’s facial exercises help the skin function optimally. “When your skin can function optimally, it can better protect itself against aggressors that cause aging and other skin conditions—not to mention the positive effects it has on your mental health,” said Madalaina Contini, the global trainer at FaceGym who walked me through the most relaxing facial massage ever in 45 minutes.

By working facial exercises into our daily skin care ritual, we “encourage the skin to be more radiant, lifted, toned and youthful.” And any gift that helps us look younger is worth the buy, right?

On the FaceGym website, you can schedule a session and purchase a PT Kit for your personalized workout. And in case you aren’t able to book one of FaceGym’s PT training sessions on Mother’s Day, you can always treat your mom to the luxurious experience on a later date. 

Individual and group sessions are offered year-round!


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