The Right Tool To Achieve Every Type Of Curl

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Everyone’s idea of the perfect curl is different. Here, the best tool to help you achieve all your curl goals without getting burned.

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You may have forgotten about hot rollers, but it’s time they make a comeback. The large ones give lift and volume and will likely shave time off of your routine. Roll up your hair before you do your makeup and let them sit until you're ready to walk out the door. Pro tip: Letting strands cool while still on the roller helps set the curl so it lasts longer.

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Get the benefits of a braid—imperfect, just-right waves—without having to wait on a braid to do it. Clamp this “w” shaped iron onto strands from root to tip for major volume that lasts for days.

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If you want spiral curls that last for days, this is your gadget. And it does all the work for you—there’s no wrapping or risk of burning yourself. Best for medium to longer locks, simply place a section of hair into the circular head, clamp down, and wait until it starts beeping to open. Your straight hair is sucked up and spit out as a perfect curl. Voila!

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This tool will help you finally achieve those easy beach waves. The barrel spins with the push of a button—also perfect for those lazy beach days. Just remember to keep one to two inches of your ends out of the curling iron so that they stay straight.

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Love the look of a blowout, but don’t have the time to spend tugging at wet strands with a round brush? This large barrel curling iron gives you the same fullness and bend at the ends, without having to start from scratch on wet hair. You can even get away with just doing the top section if you’re really in a hurry.


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