These Luxury Fashion Houses Opted For Natural Black Beauty In Their Resort Collections

Skimming through the resort 2020 collections I was excited, taking in all the creative art of the clothing, and also eager to see what beauty trends might emerge. Collection after collection I began to notice a thread. The models, the Black models especially, wore very little or no makeup.

I wasn’t sure how to feel about it initially. Should I be offended? Are Black models not worthy of having their faces done up for these shows and shoots? Or am I tripping? I noted that the White models weren’t dolled up in loads of makeup either, and that the biggest trend coming out of these resort collections might be no makeup at all. Or at least the lesson here is that no matter where you vacation in 2020, less is more. I realized I was delighted. If a major luxury brand wants to display Black beauty in its natural state, that’s perfectly alright with me.

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Our full lips (often the top being darker than the bottom), curls that span from loose and coily to kinky and tight, and the array of shades that our brown comes in were all there. It’s beautiful, and instead of adding a bunch of color to try to enhance or complement our features, these beauty teams just let them be. The beauty of our melanin is not a fad. And while we can’t say whether these brands wholly understand that, it’s nice to see them acknowledge that it should take center stage alongside everyone else.


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