The current pandemic has revamped the way we shop. With the holidays arriving, some malls (depending on where you live) may be open for business, however most will have some restrictions in place if they are not closed entirely.

In light of COVID-19 cases rising, who knows when or if normal will return. In the meantime, businesses and brands have adapted to what shopping will look like for 2021 – mostly online. For markets like fragrance that rely on airborne travel, what does that look like? Emerging fragrance line Snif may have the answer.

Launching just last month, Snif provides a try-before-you buy module. Customers can choose between a single scent or a bundle kit. Each order will arrive with a small sample size fragrance as well. Snif encourages buyers to try the sample and, if they like it, they can open the full bottle or if not, they can send it back. Free shipping and returns are included. This breaks the mold of the traditional market which revels in exclusivity and unrealistic pricing to the masses.

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Founders Bryan Edwards and Phil Riportella, both seeing a much-needed change in the industry, worked with leading perfumers to provide a luxury scent at a fraction of the cost. “Traditional fragrance brands create scents with a perfectly polished campaigns that feel disingenuous and out of touch with today’s generation,” Riportella says. Adhering to its inclusive mission, Snif is also genderless, making it a fragrance truly for everyone.

Priced between $65- $150. Shop now at