The Lip Bar’s ‘Fast Face Collection Now Includes Eye Shadow
Photo: Instagram/@thelipbar

The Lip Bar is on a mission to change the way you think about beauty. Last fall, the brand launched the Fast Face collection, featuring cruelty-free products that take the guesswork and intimidation out of doing your makeup. And today, The Lip Bar extended the line to make the process even easier.

The easy-to-use multitasking collection now includes four color-coordinated eye shadow palettes formulated with an intense color payoff for creating eye-catching makeup looks and liquid eye shadows that make your lids sparkle like tiny gemstones. 

“No overcomplicated techniques, just SWIPE, TAP and GO with our new Quick Lid liquid eyeshadows. No more worrying about which shadows are right for your complexion…each of our Everyday Eyeshadow Travel Palettes has the 4 shades you need and will actually use! Stop being intimidated by eyeshadow and take your look to the next level with the newest members of our Fast Face family,” The Lip Bar shared in an Instagram post.

The festive pigments arrived just in time for us to celebrate their brand’s eighth birthday this month in style.

The Everyday Eyeshadow Palette and Quick Lid Liquid Eyeshadow are available purchase exclusively at Target, and The Lip Bar store in Detroit.

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