9 Lip Mask That Will Instantly Save Your Dry Cracked Pout 

Samantha Callender Mar, 12, 2018

Winter can dry out your skin like no other season, this is particularly true when it comes to your lips. When slathering your everyday lip balm on is no longer cutting it, you need something offering deeper hydration. With warmer weather right around the corner, no one wants to pucker up to lips that are dry and cracked.

For intense moisture, reach for one of the lip masks or treatments to get your lips together. 

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Intensely rich and hydrating, this mask uses beeswax, jojoba seed oil, shea butter, olea fruit oil and carnauba wax to lock in moisture.

available at Best Damn Beauty $26 Buy

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Infused with agave nectar and jojoba oil, this mask will hydrate lips and lock in moisture.

available at Sephora $26 Buy

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Use this mask at night (or anytime really) to restore moisture and hydration. It’s also great to use under a lippie as a primer.

available at Sephora $17.50 Buy

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This collagen-infused mask will leave lips full and soft.

available at KNC Beauty $25 Buy

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Use this mask overnight to wake up with intensely hydrated and supple lips.

available at Sephora $20 Buy

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This natural and vegan mask helps to protect lips and lock in moisture.

available at Target $8.99 Buy

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The wild mango butter in this balm helps moisturize lips, while the sea fennel extract smoothes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth.

available at Neiman Marcus $30 Buy

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This treatment is full of nourishing and hydrating ingredients, including sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, murumuru butter, shea butter, tamanu oil and Babassu oil.

available at Sephora $9 Buy

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This bio-cellular masks restores the cells in the lips to make them full, healthy and hydrated.

available at Sephora $3 Buy