Teyana Swears By Urban Skin Rx’s Purifying Pumpkin Face Mask For Her Flawless Skin
Anthony Harvey

Teyana Taylor is a very busy lady! 

But despite being a singer, model, and star of a forthcoming reality show with Husband Iman Shumpert, the mom of one still makes time for her skin care routine. 

While it’s likely Teyana has thousands of skin care brands at her disposal to try, when it’s time for her to use a face mask the star reaches for Urban Skin Rx’s Purifying Pumpkin Face Mask.  

“Loving my Pumpkin Purifying Pore Mask,” she said on Instagram. She even asked the brand to send her 10 more and made sure to let us know that this was not an ad â€” and that she does in fact really use it. 

The reason why Teyanna, and so many others are obsessed with the mask (it currently has a five star review on Urban Skin Rx’s website) is because it deep cleans, nourishes skin and is self-warming. And best of all, it’s only $38, which is pretty affordable considering how expensive masks can some times be. 

Urban Skin Rx is the brainchild medical aesthetician Rachel Roff. Designed with diverse skin tones (aka us) in mind, the line contains products to combat some of the skin care issues we deal with most, like hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.

When we sat down with Teyana a few months ago, she too confessed that the brand’s Even Tone Cleansing Bar was her dessert island beauty product. “This brand is so good for us,” she said. 

While we have yet to try the brand’s pumpkin mask, we’re super excited to make it a part of our upcoming self-care Sunday routine!