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Teyana Taylor Reveals How Long She Waited For Iman To See Her: Hair Tied Chillin' with No Makeup On

Teyana Taylor Reveals How Long She Waited For Iman To See Her: Hair Tied Chillin’ with No Makeup On
Teyana Taylor is pretty much your average twenty-six year old woman; she grew up idolizing Janet Jackson, like so many of us, is a beauty junkie (more on that later), and knows the best bodegas in Harlem. Except when you talk to her, you quickly realize she’s actually nothing like the average twenty-six year old. In addition to a very impressive resume that includes singer, dancer, and actress, the mother of one (baby Junie is absolutely the cutest!) is also everyone’s ab-spiration. It’s also apparent that while the forthcoming reality star loves a good beat, she’s also super comfortable in her own skin; and wants all women to feel the same way. We caught up with Teyana at KISS Products‘ first-ever pop-up Beauty Bar to chat beauty, and the first time she let Iman see her makeup free. On the Best Beauty Advice She’s Ever Received “Drink some damn water! And I hate water. My mom has the best skin, she’s so beautiful, but she literally walks around with a jug of water. And everybody with great skin says you have to drink water, so that’s what I’ve been trying to do.” Just Like the Rest of Us, Pharrell is Her Skin Care Idol “I asked Pharrell what do you do to keep your skin so fresh! Please tell me what you did I told him. And he said drink water and exfoliate, those are the keys! He said you have to get all that dead skin off. So I’ve been trying that too a few times per week.” Her #dessertisland Beauty Products  “The beauty products I absolutely cannot live without are my KISS Lashes, the couture style are my favorite, and Gel Fantasy Nails by KISS. The nails are great great because they’re press-ons, which is very important for what I do. I’m always flipping on stage and jumping and stuff, and to be able to just pop on your press-ons at any moment is important.” The Best Skin Care Brand for Black Women Urban Skin RX is SO good, especially for us!” And the First TIme She Let Iman See Her Hair Tied Chillin’ with No Makeup On  “Oh girl, he saw me in my du-rag the first time I let him hit it — he seen it from jump! That’s why we fell in love, because it just is what it is. We were friends first so it was kind of easy for us to just be real with each other. He loves it! And thinks I’m the most beautiful person walking, even with my du-rag on.”