Is This Student’s Acrylic Nail Invention the New Way to Transport?
@luciedavis via Instagram

Our world is forever going digital and finding new ways to make our lives easier is the millennial way to handle a lot of our daily tasks. From paying for services with a phone to charging phones within 30 seconds, we are bombarded with technology to get us moving faster. Now, it seems we will be making transportation easier too (at least for women). A student in London has created a way for commuters to tap in and out of buses and trains in the London Underground without their Oyster cards. (London’s version of the EZ-link card).  Lucie Davis created Acrylic fingernails that carry a chip that is similar to an Oyster card. 
The soon to be graduate of a jewelry design course at Central St Martins explains to WAH Nails, “I took the RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) chip from an Oyster card and embedded it within a full set of acrylic nails to give commuters the ability to pay for their journeys with a single tap/touch. You can still top them up with money too. Now you’ll never have to worry about misplacing your card again.”

She took part of a project to find wonder in everyday routines and Ms. Davis was the winner out of 1,300 students for the Mullenlowe Nova Award for creative thinking and execution. She also has the support of the London Transport System and with the spread of this news we can only imagine this idea crossing the pond to us. 
All we can say is she, she’s nailed how to make transporting easier. 


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