This feature originally appeared in the ESSENCE June 2017 issue.

Finding a hue that complements a range of chocolate complexions can be a huge challenge. Monika Deol saw this hole in the cosmetics industry and founded Stellar Cosmetics to address the problem.

The line, which launched in Sephora earlier this year, offers items flattering to an array of skin tones and focuses on those in the “medium range,” from Asians to African-Americans. “Our colors are based on real women and real skin tones,” shares Deol, who is of Indian descent.

Each of her Stardust Lip Powder Palettes gives consumers three creamy metallic shades, and the best part is the way they pop against our melanin-rich skin.

“People with medium or dark complexions have pigment in their lips, and Stellar products work with all lip colors,” Deol says.

ESSENCE beauty editors tested these velvety powders and here’s what we found.

Pros: Beyond looking great on a variety of skin tones, they allow for customization.

Cons: The texture can take some getting used to. Try applying a lip balm underneath the color.

Bottom line: The unique powders are so great that they could even replace your traditional lipsticks.

Check back into the Stellar Cosmetics page to snag a powder lippie when it launches this June!