Your Morning Skincare Could Use Some Holiday Bubbly
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With the holidays around the corner, you’re likely to have a bottle—or three— of champagne lying around your house. If your infamous holiday punch doesn’t require the full bottle, then you can always use the left over bubbly for a champagne facial—yes, that’s a real thing. Rich in antioxidants and packed with vitamins C and E, champagne and other sparkling wines are great for toning and shielding the skin from free radicals because of their high concentration of grape seed extract. Simply soak a cotton ball in your favorite bubbly and apply to your face, neck and décollettage.

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According to New York dermatologist, Marina Peredo, “champagne detoxifies the skin with antioxidants and lightening tartaric acid helps even out skin tone.” Peredo also notes that people with oily skin benefit from its antibacterial properties, which will help clear and soften skin. In contrast, those with dry skin may fare better without the champagne facial as the alcohol can be drying. If you do decided to implement a little bubbly into your morning regimen, be sure to use it on your skin a maximum of two times a week, otherwise you may begin to experience some signs of dry skin. Besides, that leftover 1/4 cup may not be enough for a punch but its certainly enough for a morning mimosa!