Your Favorite Facial Brush Just Got a Makeover

If you’re like me, when the Clarisonic Alpha Fit made it’s debut last year, you were anxious to try it for yourself and didn’t care whether or not the bristles on the brush were made for beards (what’s a little extra cleansing, right?)  For the first time ever, the skincare tables turned and women everywhere were sneaking into the medicine cabinet to steal their man’s facial brush and we don’t blame them! The Alpha Fit is easy to hold and gives you that 2-speed, ultra clean feel that you love from a Clarisonic without the bulky handle.

Lucky for us, the good folks at Clarisonic heard our cry and created a Mia Fit so we can leave the beard bristles to the boys. The newest addition to the Clarisonic family is available in three fun colors (pink, green and white) and comes with a sample of their new Skin Illuminating Cleanser and a radiance brush head. Mia Fit is enough to fit in your makeup/overnight bag and cute enough to keep on display without taking up too much sink real estate in your—or his— bathroom.  As for you stealing—or borrowing— from his razor stash, he doesn’t need to know about that. That can be our little secret.

Clarisonic Mia Fit, $189 at

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