Why Micellar Water Should Replace Your Cleansers and Moisturizers
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In most cases, cleansing your face requires water, cleanser and a facial cloth. But in recent years, Micellar water has changed the cleansing game, and offers clean skin in one swipe without the need for rinsing. Although Micellar water has been around for decades in France, it recently gained a cult following in the US, and is taking the industry by storm. Dr. Debra Luftman is a Board Certified Dermatologist and Simple Advisory Board member, who knows firsthand the effects of micellar water, and why it’s an item that should be in our beauty arsenal—especially their new Micellar Make-up Remover Wipes. Here, she dishes on why it’s the industries well-kept beauty secret.

ESSENCE.com: Should micellar water replace your cleanser and moisturizer?
Dr. Luftman: Although micellar water could replace cleanser and moisturizer, it is still important to wear a daily sunscreen.

ESSENCE.com: How exactly does it work?
Dr. Luftman: Micellar waters work like a miniature sponge, mopping up dirt and makeup while increasing moisturization and hydration of the skin. They do this using micellar technology. A micelle is a small particle in the water that has an oil-loving tail that traps dirt, oil and makeup. Its water-loving head allows the micelle to dissolve impurities so they can easily be wiped away. Therefore, there is no need to rinse skin.

ESSENCE.com: What type of skin is micellar water best for?
Dr. Luftman: Micellar waters work for all skin types. They’re particularly good for dry, sensitive or acne-prone skin.

ESSENCE.com: I understand the technology is rather old, so why is micellar water so popular now?
Dr. Luftman: Micellar waters are popular for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they don’t require rinsing. They also cleanse without stripping or irritating the skin – and the Simple Skincare Micellar Cleansing Water in particular boosts skin’s hydration instantly by 90%.

ESSENCE.com: Is micellar water great for removing makeup that’s hard to get off?
Dr. Luftman: Yes. The miceller technology helps to dissolve impurities such as dirt, oil and makeup. The Simple Skincare Micellar Cleansing Water contains the perfect blend of gentle cleansers, multi-vitamins and skin-loving ingredients to cleanse the skin while removing makeup.